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HEAL with Spiritual Connections

HEAL with Spiritual Connections

Higher Self- (a.k.a. Inner Wisdom, Soul, Eternal Self, Authentic Self, Divine Self, Atman, Buddha nature, Aumakua, Christ Within, Tao Within, OverSoul) is a part of you directly connected to Divine Source/God and a very important relationship in your spiritual development.

Earth- is a healing planet full of life, magic, perseverence, teaching and hope. Making connections with plants, animals, bodies of water, mountains, soil, sand, lifeforms, wind, rocks, minerals and humans will allow the exchange of vibrational and nutritional energy everything needs to balance, grow, heal or transition into its next phase.

Awareness– is a decision to open yourself to messages from Spirit in all forms in your Inner World (bodytalk, intuition, sensations, sounds, visuals, gut feeling) and Outer World (nature, conversations, books, movies, songs, slogans, numbers, colors, synchronicities). This cultivates deep connection and feelings of unity which are prolific for spiritual growth.

Laughter- is the best medicine! Joy, Gratitude, Peace, Fulfillment can all come from this attitude of easy-going laughter. Messages from Spirit will come with a light sense of humor if that is what you are focusing your attention on. This is a wonderful way to communicate with your Higher Self, Nature, Spirit guides, angels, humans and God/Divine Source.

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