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Soul Realignment© Session

Soul Realignment©
– Level 1 –

By SoulFire: Whisperer of Body and Soul

This is a good place to start on your journey to discovering who you are at soul level and how to “Do Your Divinity”. In this comprehensive one hour session we will uncover and discuss:

  • Your Soul’s gifts and group of origination
  • If you are a “walk-in” or a “soul shifter”
  • How aligned you are currently with your Soul’s Divine Blueprint
  • How many spirit guides are directly working with you on your team
  • How much assistance you have to manifest your desires
  • If you have any Earthbound or Attaching Souls drawing energy from you
  • Your blocks and restrictions from past lives and your current life time
  • Your Soul Story of each life time where a negative choice pattern or agreement was made that is still affecting your life
  • Becoming consciously aware of any negative agreements, implants, contracts, bargains, vows, connections, intentions or constraint patterns you are currently choosing to engage in that are taking you out of alignment
  • Identifying any negative programs that are running in any of your chakras or energy centers
  • Clearing these disruptive vibrations while retaining the lessons learned in order to move forward in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose
  • How to make concrete, positive decisions now that are in alignment with your Soul Blueprint
  • How to have abundance in all aspects of your life
  • Opportunities for future learning and guidance from this program
        • Investment: $250

Other Akashic Records Readings/Programs by SoulFire:

Spirit Guide Reading–  This is such a fun reading where you learn specifics about each member of your inner circle Spirit Guide Team, each of their specialties or roles, and any messages and guidance they have for you on your current situation. You will have time to ask specific questions of your team…$250

Relationship Reading– Learn from the Akashic Records if you are compatible with another person at soul level, how many lifetimes you’ve shared and what your relationship was in each, how you can honor each other’s Soul gifts every day, and clear the blocks/restrictions that are inhibiting the evolution of our relationship. This reading is for spouses, relatives, parent-child, friends. Both people are encouraged to attend this session…$250

Manifesting Blueprint Session– This powerful reading will explain EXACTLY how you manifest the intention you set for yourself in the area of profession, finances, romance, family, friendships, health and wellness, or  rest and relaxation. I call it the “Myers Briggs” for the Soul. We will talk about energetic and direct actions you can take that will align you and help you manifest abundance directly… $250

Life Guide Mentorship– Are you seeking more specific healing guidance on your life path? Trisha uses scientific and spiritual resources from her extensive tool box to help guide you through the clearing and action after the Soul Realignment Readings and planning your next big steps. She gives you consistent, caring support throughout your process. This program is developed specifically for you and may include one-on-one healing sessions, Soul Realignment readings, deeper karmic clearings, cellular downloads and transmissions, Breathwork sessions, Art Catharsis, Dynamic Mediation, weekly phone or video consultations, Q and A sessions,  brainstorming sessions, spiritual and healing development assistance. Investments are based on length of mentorship.