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The practitioner implements gentle techniques to sense imbalances of energy flow and promote holistic health. The bio-field is simply defined as the vibrational flow of energy around and through a person.


All things have energy around and within them that carries a vibrational frequency. Living beings have a life-force energy that has a higher frequency. However, this energy does fluctuate, especially when we are facing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges in our lives. The result of this is a myriad of symptoms that have the ability to cause a significant drain on the human body and put one at risk for further potential health issues.


During an energy medicine session, techniques that involve the movement of the MedHealers’ hands or therapy tools on or slightly off the patients physical body. The practitioner uses his or her senses and tools to detect imbalances in the bio-field and to strengthen, correct, or redirect the subtle energy flow as a means to balance the vibrational frequency and promote health.


Before the session, we will discuss which energy medicine tools will best suit your medical needs and spiritual beliefs. These include:

Reiki Energy Medicine

Quantum Bio-Field Alignment

Shamanic Healing

Christian Faith Healing

Meridian Clearing

Angelic Channeling

Distant/Remote Healing

Crystal Therapy


Light and Sound Therapy

Chakra Balancing

Medical Intuition

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