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Fascia (Fa-sha) is a living web of tissue that surrounds everything inside the body- skin through bone. Fascia is hydrated and full of piezoelectricity. This connective tissue is truly what brings everything together in the whole body. The body's fascia can be treated with various amounts of pressure. The best way to start engaging connective tissue is with a light touch. This allows the tissue to unwind or repair as led by the person's Inner Physician.

When fascia has been damaged, traumatized or is in a tension pattern it can have an effect on everything in the body. The patterns can run though organs or around nerves. They can twist and stick together to cause dysfunction and pain in the body. 

At times, there is trauma stuck in the energetic framework of the web. During the session, emotions can come to the surface and is encouraged to be expressed in the way that's best for you. Imagery and dialogue techniques can be incorporated to help process and release the stuck energetics.

This is a 60 minute session

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