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Aroma Therapy – What are essential oils? What is all the hype? Are they really that good? Essential Oils contain the pure essence of herbs, flowers, leaves, roots, bark and resins and have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes as well as for their pleasurable aromas. They can benefit the body through inhaling, rubbing on the skin and ingesting (therapeutic grade only).


If you are concerned about the chemicals and GMO’s in current health and beauty products, then you should consider giving doTERRA products a try. They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and are rigorously tested for potency, purity and efficacy.


CALL Trisha at MedHealers to set up a free aromatherapy consultation, to host an informational class or to make a purchase: (772) 559-1993


CLICK to learn more about doTERRA or to purchase certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils online:

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