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Connect to your own Inner Wisdom and allow your "medicine" to emerge from within.

Portals of Assistance

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Light touch whole body approach for adults, children, and animals to release trauma and restrictions in the brain and spinal cord. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) addresses all levels of tension and pain in the body and bio-field which provides deep relaxation, balance and overall health and wellbeing. The core concept of CST is an open communication with the body’s Inner Physician to lead the session.

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Subtle yet deep and powerful techniques that combine ancient healing wisdom with current scientific protocols. These techniques are used to evaluate and correct imbalances of energy flow within and around the body to promote whole being health. Reiki Therapy, Gong Therapy, Sound Table, Tuning Forks, , Shamanic Arts, Chakra Balancing, Quantum Field Balancing, DNA repatterning.

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Systems Informed Therapy (SIT) is an integrated therapy for body, mind, spirit, and soul. It is gentle, non-invasive, client-centered and works to improve both physical health and mental/emotional health.

 SIT includes coaching/counseling practices, manual (hands-on) therapy, soul therapy, sound and energy medicine, mental imagery, mindfulness, and intuitive analysis. SIT places equal focus on resilience and strength building as it does on difficulties and challenges.


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Empowering guidance for mind, body, spirit and soul alignment, connection, integration and wellbeing. Many levels are available: One hour session, 3 month program, half day immersion, or multi-day retreat. Each meeting is designed uniquely for you to do powerful work at the level your Being is ready to work. Let me assist you to shine your light into the world fully.

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Meet Trisha

Hello! I am so glad you found me! My name is Trisha Schmalhofer and I have been in the Complimentary Medical Field for over 25 years. I  believe that everything we need to heal is inside of us. When you and I decide to journey together, I develop a relationship with your Inner Physician or Inner Wisdom, which knows what "medicine" your body needs and in what order. Medicine can be Nature, manual therapy,  sound, prayer, human connection, dance, warm fire, being witnessed, mindfulness, breathwork, fresh water, verbal processing, spiritual devotion, ceremony, retreat, nourishing food, laughter, good sleep and anything that brings you joy, fulfillment, pleasure and balance. I look forward to talking with you to see if we are a good fit for this next phase of your life path. Trisha Rose


Soul Realignment© Readings

Using the Akashic Records to help you discover your soul gifts, clear blocks, connect to your soul and your spiritual support on a more intimate level.

Types of Clients

In my experience, there are 4 types of clients that seek out my services. Those who are…

Have you been to every specialist and medical facility with no definitive answers? Pain meds are NOT the answer! Chronic Conditions include: headaches, back pain, vertigo, tinnitus, autism, seizures, panic attacks, just to name a few.


Have this nagging pain and want to avoid surgery ? We can help : knee tightness, carpal tunnel problems, hip soreness, muscle cramping, neck spasms, back “goes out”, old injury that didn’t heal properly, and more!.


Someone with a recent physical injury or surgery that needs rehabilitative treatment to get back into balance. This category also includes PTSD from mental or emotionally charged life events. Injuries including: back surgery, rotator cuff tear, knee replacement, car accident injuries, abusive relationships and more…


Body and Spirit “tune-ups”, stress level reduction, work and fitness related tension relief, immune system strengthening, DNA reprogramming, Ancestrial re-patterning, kundalini awakening support, quantum healing, 5D shift assistance, Intuitive Coaching and more!

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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Thanks for connecting!

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