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MedHealers merges Science and Spirit together for your total wellbeing.

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Light touch whole body approach for adults, children, and animals to release trauma and restrictions in the brain and spinal cord. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) addresses all levels of tension and pain in the body and bio-field which provides deep relaxation, balance and overall health and wellbeing. The core concept of CST is an open communication with the body’s Inner Physician to lead the session.

Subtle yet deep and powerful techniques that combine ancient healing wisdom with current scientific protocols. These techniques are used to evaluate and correct imbalances of energy flow within and around the body and promote whole being health. Reiki Therapy, Sound Therapy, Shamanic Arts, Chakra Balancing, Quantum Field Balancing, DNA repatterning.

Fascia is the connective tissue web of the body that is now being accepted as a primary cause of pain and a vehicle for many processes in the body. This includes the movement of energy (piezoelectric currents, chi, ki, prana) inside and outside the body. This tissue does not show up on traditional allopathic medical scanning (x-ray, MRI) so is not usually considered with pain source diagnosis.

Guidance or mentorship for those seeking a transformation. Many levels of commitment are available: One hour reading, 3 month program, or multi-day intensive Each is designed uniquely for each person to do powerful work towards soul growth, deep healing, whole being empowerment to be the badass, alchemist and mystic for your life and community.

Soul Realignment© Readings

Using the Akashic Records to help you discover your soul gifts, clear blocks, connect to your soul and your spiritual support on a more intimate level.

Types of Clients

In our experience, there are 4 types of clients the seek out our services. Those who are…

Have you been to every specialist and medical facility with no definitive answers? Pain meds are NOT the answer! Chronic Conditions include: headaches, back pain, vertigo, tinnitus, autism, seizures, panic attacks, just to name a few.

Have this nagging pain and want to avoid surgery ? We can help : knee tightness, carpal tunnel problems, hip soreness, muscle cramping, neck spasms, back “goes out”, old injury that didn’t heal properly, and more!.

Someone with a recent physical injury or surgery that needs rehabilitative treatment to get back into balance. This category also includes PTSD from mental or emotionally charged life events. Injuries including: back surgery, rotator cuff tear, knee replacement, car accident injuries, abusive relationships and more…

Body and Spirit “tune-ups”, stress level reduction, work and fitness related tension relief, immune system strengthening, DNA reprogramming, Ancestrial re-patterning, kundalini awakening support, quantum healing, 5D shift assistance, Intuitive Coaching and more!

Essential Oils

We treat the WHOLE person with a unique approach to pain relief and body balancing.

Essential Oils

Craniosacral Therapy

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