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Trisha’s Book Release

By Trisha Schmalhofer – MedHealers is so excited to announce that Trisha is a published author!! She is part of a collaborative group of inspiring individuals who have come together to co-author the book, The Beauty of Authenticity: Embracing Your Truth to Live a Life fo Meaning, Purpose and Grace. Each author is an expert in some aspect of their field and they are all passionate about assisting others to reach their personal, career, health or spiritual goals while staying aligned with their values. The lessons and stories they share serve to inspire, motivate, and guide the reader to life success.

Each chapter reflects an individual author’s journey of inner and outer transformation, the discovery of life purpose and passion, the release of long-held fears and limiting beliefs, and the growth into a more authentic, heart-centered, connected, and vibrant individual. Some stories may speak of working with clients to help them on their personal journeys of allowing Spirit to guide their life. All stories will show the astonishing strength, courage, heart and soul that exists in each of us.

The Beauty of Authenticity will be available on Amazon on May 22, 2019 or by contacting the author:

Book signing in Melbourne, FL Saturday June 1st, 11:00am-4:00pm at Space Coast Wellness Center, 750 S. Apollo Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32901. More signing dates to be announced..

Trisha Schmalhofer is a Licensed Massage and CranioSacral Therapist, Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, Scientist of the Spirit, Life Guide Mentor, Reiki Practitioner, teacher, health intuitive, retreat facilitator, speaker and published author.


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