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Take time out to “BE”

By Trisha Schmalhofer– At this time of year, from November to January, our attention is pulled outward even more than usual. Family Gatherings, Travel, Shopping, Eating, Emotions and Stress all get our minds tangled in knots. It is really important to take time EVERY day to decompress in a quiet place, center your energy into calmness around your heart or stomach, take deep breaths, do the little, simple activities that bring joy, and move or sit outside in nature.

All of these simple practices lower our stress response and bring us back to the present moment, where the divine parts of ourselves live. In quantum physics as well as many spiritual teachings, it is explained that the present moment is all that there is. If our minds are in the past or future then we are missing our true divine experience here on this planet.

So, take time out for the little things for yourself and BE in the moment when you do. Then maybe you will find the true JOY and PEACE, this season is meant to bring.

Love, Trish

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