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HEAL with Spiritual Connection

HEAL with Spiritual Connections Higher Self- (a.k.a. Inner Wisdom, Soul, Eternal Self, Authentic Self, Divine Self, Atman, Buddha nature, Aumakua, Christ Within, Tao Within, OverSoul) is a part of you directly connected to Divine Source/God and a very important relationship in your spiritual development. Earth- is a healing planet full of life, magic, perseverence, teaching…
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Connect to Higher Self

10 STEPS TO CONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF 1) Sit in a quiet place and focus on your breathing. 2) Take stock in your life and think of two simple questions to ask your all-knowing resource. 3) Now imagine yourself in a sacred space- a garden, the beach, the mountains, the woods, a cabin. Really…
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Trisha’s Book Release

By Trisha Schmalhofer - MedHealers is so excited to announce that Trisha is a published author!! She is part of a collaborative group of inspiring individuals who have come together to co-author the book, The Beauty of Authenticity: Embracing Your Truth to Live a Life fo Meaning, Purpose and Grace. Each author is an expert…
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