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BEMER 3000 Bio-ElectroMagnetic Energy Regulation

Ninety percent¬†of the diseases that affect the human body have compromised circulatory blood flow as a component of that disease. The performance and operability of every single cell in the body, muscles, joints, organs, glands, immune system, etc., all depend on an optimal supply and disposal mechanism through microcirculation. When blood flow is compromised, nutrients are prevented from reaching the cells, waste materials aren’t flushed from the cells, and there is a disruption in the delivery of hormones and immune cells. Cells can literally drown in their own waste. This vital nourishing, immunizing, and waste removal is done through the capillaries which account for 74% of all blood vessels.

This is where the BEMER Therapy comes into play.

The BEMER Therapy equipment generates cascading electromagnetic waves through the body, which mimic the signal that the body transmits to the smooth muscle pumping stations located just before, and after, the capillaries. These pumping stations are the key component to the microvascular system and their pumping action is called vasomotion. By increasing the frequency of this pumping action, and the resulting enhanced blood flow, BEMER Therapy promotes chronic pain relief, stress reduction, immune system support, migraine relief, decreased risk of stroke, wound healing, and relief from other circulatory related problems.

The BEMER is a non-invasive, FDA registered Class-2 Medical Device. NASA is currently working in conjunction with BEMER scientists to incorporate BEMER technology into future space suits.